General Questions

What sets Omni Video apart from the rest?

We believe the biggest asset to our company is our team. Our team of talented photographers and cinematographers work together to get the best quality shots for your events. Each team member knows his or her role, whether it be getting creative angles, setting up equipment, or directing the bride and groom. Our team has experience working with one another, can therefore anticipate one another’s ideas, positions, movements, ensuring the highest quality of images are being captured. The synergy between our team members allows us to capture your moments in a way that translate into a better overall product.

Many companies have large rosters of shooters they contact when they need to assemble a team for your wedding. However, many times these shooters have not worked together and don’t know each other’s shooting styles. This results in the shooters competing for different shots, rather than understanding what the other person is doing.

But our teamwork doesn’t just stop at on-location shooting - it extends into the editing space as well. When our team of editors receives the footage and images from the week’s festivities, our photographers and cinematographers are assisting the editors to explain the flow of the day’s events so that every moment can be edited in a way that accurately represents your special week. This collaboration allows us to constantly improve our craft.

How much do you charge?

The answer is simply that it depends. Some clients ask for the fully loaded Lamborghini, while others have more modest budgets. We are committed to working with our clients when designing the pricing and packages to ensure you are happy with the final product and price.

How many photos will you deliver for my wedding?

Anywhere from 1000-2000 images for the week’s events. When editing the photos, we try not to reach a number goal, but rather to make sure that none of the ceremonies nor any of the guests are excluded in the final photos.

What size albums do you offer? How many photos can they hold?

We offer 12x12 and 10x10 albums, which are the preferred sizes by our clients. The 12x12 album holds roughly 100-120 photos while the 10x10 album holds 60-70 photos.

How long will the full length video be for my wedding?

We pride ourselves on including every ceremony and every guest in attendance. Because of that, we deliver a final product that is essentially a live production of the events. No ceremony, guest, or event is excluded. A typical pre-wedding ceremony video is 1-2 hours, a typical wedding video is 2-3 hours, and the reception video is around 4-5 hours in length.

How do we reserve our wedding dates?

After getting in touch with us about your wedding and deciding on a package, we will send you a contract that you can accept and sign. Along with the contract, a 50% retainer is required to reserve our team for your wedding dates.

Do you have liability insurance?


Do you have any advice for me when shopping around for photography and cinematography companies?

Yes. Lots. But to keep it simple, we always try to tell potential clients to focus on the quality of the work, rather than focusing on the amount of product that each company is promising. The quality will always be the most important aspect of the work. You can always order extra albums or photos after the wedding, but you can’t change the quality of the work after the wedding day. If you’re trying to make your package more affordable, start with cutting the products. Remove the extra albums or the extra same day edit, because these can always be added on after, but don’t go with a cheaper photographer or videographer because they can give you everything up front. What good is an extra album if you won’t be happy with the quality. You can always order more product, but you can’t order more quality. Always choose quality and creativity over products.

Style and Quality Questions

What is your photography and cinematography style?

Our specialty in wedding photography and cinematography, shot in a creative "journalistic" as well as "traditional" manner, leads to a style that is unique to us. Over the past 25 years, our team here at Omni Video has developed a style that is part journalism with influences from fashion and cinema. Our craft is not just recording images, but creating unique and expressive images for your special day. To see more of our work, please visit our Blog or Instagram page.

Can I see your complete work from weddings, instead of just the best images and videos that are on your website?

Of course! We take great pride in our work and the consistency of it, and are happy to provide you with our complete works. Not all of our past clients wish to give out all of their images publically, so to request images or videos from us, please send an email to

What is your dress code for your team? I’ve seen other photographers show up in jeans and I don’t want that at my wedding.

Our team will always be the best dressed group at the wedding. Our company has our own tailor that provides custom tailored suits to all of our team members to ensure that we are well dressed and that we blend in seamlessly with your guests.

Post Production Questions

How long does it take to deliver my photos and video?

We pride ourselves in delivering a quality product in a short amount of time. We offer a guaranteed delivery date of 6-8 weeks to most of our clients.

Do you edit and deliver every single image or video clip that you shoot?

Yes and No. The first stage of our editing process is going through every image or video clip to remove duplicates, test shots, or shots with bad expressions. Once we have the selection trimmed down, we process and edit every single selected image and video clip. This includes color correction, brightness control, managing audio levels for video clips, and numerous other touch ups and corrections. These edited files are what we deliver.

Do you backup our images and data? How can we ensure that our images or video won’t be lost?

The most meticulously planned and detailed part of our workflow is our data protection protocols. From the camera to the final product, the images and data always have a backup in case something happens. This means that we are recording onto 2 media cards in the camera, and transferring the data onto 3 different drives. In addition to accounting for hard drive failures, when our editors get done for the day, all of our computers, hard drives, and servers get locked into our vaults in case of a break in or fire. Because of this meticulous process, we ensure the safety of the footage and photos we capture.

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