Knowing that every event has a different budget, we create custom packages that are tailored for you and your event. Please contact us for more information in creating the perfect package for you.


Omni Video utilizes state-of-the-art camera technology, from handheld stabilizers to aerial drones, to capture your special day. All films are shot in 1080p high-definition, and optionally in 4K Ultra HD. The full length film consists of a documentary style edit with full coverage of all of your events. Additionally, an 8-15 minute highlight film can be shot and edited for display at your reception the same night.


Our specialty in event photography, shot in a creative "journalistic" manner, leads to a style that is unique to us. Our photography packages range from printed digital albums for your events, engagement sessions, guestbooks for receptions, as well as full resolution digital pictures, and lower resolution files for sharing on social media. All images are professionally processed and will be available online for viewing.

Additional Options

  • Aerial Imagery with Drones

    • Using the latest in drone technology, our team of FAA Certified pilots captures unparalleled and breathtaking footage with over 8 years of combined experience.
  • Same-Day Wedding Highlights

    • One of the recent crazes for weddings is the Same Day Edits. Showcasing the week's worth of events, our wedding highlights offer an unmatched cinematic experience with incomparable attention to detail. Our edits tell the unique story that is your special day. 
  • Projector Screens

    • For receptions and events that require display of videos to guests, we offer screen and projector setups. LED screens/walls can also be offered depending on availability.
  • Live Switching

    • For clients wishing to offer the best of viewing experiences to their party goers, our team uses professional grade live mixing equipment to offer multi camera live viewing of your reception. With multiple camera operators, we utilize fully wireless video transmission to ensure that there are no cables or power cords that would interfere with your guests. Combined with the highest quality of ClearCom wireless intercoms, our team is able to communicate and compliment our shots so that each angle offers a unique viewing experience. This equates to an unrivaled production that will leave your guests wondering how we managed to pull it off.
  • Camera Crane/Jib Setup

    • Knowing the demand for high end cinematography coverage, our team utilizes camera jibs that are found anywhere from movie sets to music videos. With an unrivaled 25-foot boom arm, our cameras can reach even the farthest of groups on a jam packed dance floor. In addition to standard camera cranes, we also offer TechnoCranes and Wire Cameras for even the most demanding of client requests.
  • Live Streaming

    • While many guests may spend months planning to attend your big day, we know that not everyone will be able to make it. Whether it be because of long distances, or last minute unforeseen circumstances, we offer live streaming services so that your friends and family can view your events as they happen. Clients will be sent a private link that they will be able to share with family and friends.

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